Saturday, October 25, 2008

How square is your shed?

I am again, hiding, in the computer room.

This time it is hiding from the husband.

We started the base of a shed last weekend, because we are having abnormally wonderful Utah weather, and we don't want to spend $4,000 for someone to come build a shed for us.

So instead, we are spending less money for us to possibly rip each other's throats out in arguments about the need for the floor to be absolutely, perfectly, I will take this floor apart until I get it right, square.

He has honestly, taken the floor apart, at least four times now.

I am the type of person where I'm like, hey, if it's a half an inch off, we can put some shims in there since it is the only thing off at this point. Nail that plywood in and let's be DONE with the base already.

S just came in here and said shit. What?
She thinks she's being funny lately by throwing a damn or hell or shit in her sentences.....and seeing if she can get away with it without a parent noticing.

Yeah, I noticed. Thanks for playing, we'll see you later after you've spent some time in your room.

We stopped at Petsmart after soccer to get a toothbrush for the dogs heinous breath and all the foster animals were coming in..... oh my... There was a grey and white, adult male cat, by the name of Dwight. I immediately fell in love with his bright blue eyes and his little card that said he was a lap cat. I desperately want to go back and get him.

That'll put the shed-building-husband in a fantastic mood.


Laurel and the boys said...

Oh Carrie, you and I are so cut from the same cloth! Seriously, who cares if it's just a little bit off? Ah, I miss you.

Ashley said...

I think you should go back and get the cat, I'm sure Charkie would love it and we know S would shit'n love the thing, ha ha, I am in so much trouble when K starts picking up on those words!!