Friday, October 10, 2008

Soccer, and the story of trying to get out of going.

Please, someone tell our rain to get here before 9:00 am tomorrow.

It's been cold , 48 degrees for our high, and we are supposed to get snow by tomorrow night.

That means that it will be delightfully freezing tomorrow morning for someones soccer game and I do not want to go.

I want to stay snuggled, in my new bamboo sheets and super-soft comforter, in bed and slowly make my way out of it, make coffee, sit around and snuggle with kids and a smelly dog.

It rained and was about 50 when S had her game last Saturday. That was not fun either. Her team played so good though. But the thought of going tomorrow just makes me cringe, and I may just feel a cold coming on.

I'd better not jinx myself, it is that season.

Let the weekend, and my newly purchased case of wine, begin!

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