Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby it's hot inside

Dear Husband,

I would like to thank you for getting our sweet daughter's fed and ready for school this morning. Monday mornings are really hard...especially when the night before ends with gin and limeade before bed and your wife hitting the snooze button for 50 minutes in the morning.

Believe me, I had a rough the above comment.

Today hit 90+ degrees, which is quite toasty.

Before you left the house, you did many things. Packed your lunch, made sure the girls had their lunches in their bags, teeth brushed, dogs contained in the bathroom. I am proud of you and I probably don't tell you nearly enough how proud of you I really am. It is hard to get kids out of the house in the morning. It is hard to get oneself out of the house in the morning.

You only forgot two things this morning.

The cat was still outside.

That's okay, there was the water bucket with the remaining waterballoons left over from yesterday's escapades for him to drink.

You did not turn one of the five ceiling fans on.

The upstairs was only 84 warm degrees and the air conditioner should be able to handle three straight hours of running non-stop.

I think that due to the sheer warmness of the Monday evening, we will have to go out and get dinner somewhere as I am too sleepy to do much of anything else.

Love, Carrie.

P.S. I am starving, so please come home soon.



Kerry said...

"R" is an awesome hubby. There is not weighing the gratitude of a mom when the dad is willing to get kids off to school and pack lunches. Kids are dang grumpy in the morning, and grumpy kids + tired mom = unhappiness(x10).

Kerry said...

ps. I am seeing perhaps a knitted wiener dog in your future.