Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I swear. Tonight is the lose it and snap sort of night.

My alarm goes off in less than 8 hours and I had to come downstairs to leave the nightly drama of little sassy S.

She has so much backtalk in her it is sickening.

And just between stupid facebook sucking me in and being beyond tired, making dinner late, children sassing the second I pick them up, the dog rolling in something horrid smelling, the cat bawling, the dogs barking, the perfect husband who never says or does anything wrong, returning overdue library books, bathing children AND the shitty smelling dog, and then fighting over the thousand rats nests that somehow wove themselves in long hair during S's shower and she screams at me when I try and help her do it an easier way and the cat on the shelves knocking a bunch of toys off and more dog barking and children sassing putting clean and immediately filling the dishwasher with dirties to run overnight and oy vey I still need to make lunches for tomorrow.

I'm ready to SNAP.


I took a third of a muscle relaxer last night as my jaw is killing me and I honestly think it kicked in around 7:00 am... I was at my desk, makeshift sleeping. Left hand propping my head up in a believably awake position, right hand on the mouse, so as I sleep-jerked it would make the motions look that much more realistic.

So, apparently, if I want to wake up in the morning, I will not be able to take a muscle relaxer tonight.

Damn the luck.

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Kerry said...

Sounds like we have had a couple of days! and to think, we wanted to have kids and be moms. Just a little something to pass on.. My mom said some young moms at her gym were talking about a program called 123 magic (it is of course a 250$ program with books and dvds and seminars) *and I am thinking, I can just buy 2 straight jackets and 2 muzzles for that*. So I went to the website and have been reading their archive of monthly newsletters.. pretty darn interesting stuff.
we both have pretty great kids, foster parenting has taught me that, but that doesn't make the sassy, whiney, greedy, grumpiness any better. I just don't want to always be 'the bad guy', while Aaron gets to be 'the invisible guy' or 'the calm mom down' guy.
so far, I have learned that I am over-parenting my kids, telling them things again and again that they already know, therefore making them angry and damaging there self-esteem. and I thought I was being so helpful with all the extra reminding. I am going to actually try some of the things the newsletters suggest. They seem to make sense.