Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Bloom

Bossy's post reminded me that, oh yeah, I have some of those.

They took a while to come into bloom this year and they always keep us guessing when indeed they will strike.

When we first bought our home, there were about 12 or so antique peony bushes that were the owner's grandmother's or something like that. But they were old, large and in the contract of selling the house, the deal was that they got to take all of the bushes with them. The husband and I did not care one little bit about this. (because we did not appreciate they full beauty of them when not in bloom, something we would fight tooth and nail to keep now) But luck be a lady these owners were just about as quick getting on top of things like we are, and they were in the middle of digging a few of the huge plants out when the husband came to rip out carpet on the day they were supposed to be out. So they took about six of those buggers and left us with the rest and they got so large and carniverous, that we've had to split and transplant them. We've even burnt and killed a few in the process of trying to exterminate some morning glory from hell and they come back from the dead to give us a beautiful two weeks (maybe) of their beautiful blooms.

As I've been cutting these and taking them to the neighbor's I think to myself, I would love to send a bundle of these up to my sister in Washington. So Kerry, the vase in the front room is specifically for you.


Kerry said...

Oh they are so beautiful, thank you so much! S looks like she is healing well and B looks like that self haircut didn't turn out too bad.

I took some photos of my pathetic bushes, I might end up with 10 blooms total out of all three of them together.

So I will enjoy yours, thank you again, I feel very very loved today.

Anna said...

Oh how I love peonies. I'm quite jealous of your blooms.