Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I choose to use the power of veto on...

I am a closet Big Brother watcher. I usually only get to watch about 30 minutes a week....so out of three episodes, I still get the gist. It's kindof like watching Days of our Lives. One only needs to watch it once or twice a year, that's how long it takes them to get through one TV day, so you know exactly what is going on.
I am doing remarkably well today, considering that one of my employees called in *sick* again, I was conducting interviews, had a small rant with my boss, there is no husband in sight, dealt with ultra-tired-sassy children all night...and there is not even a drink in my hand at 9:00 at night. And the children were not hurt physically or verbally. They even got fed and showered all while there was crying and whining etc. I'm quite proud of myself....it's very much unlike me to be calm in any way.
Wait! I just changed the channel and there is some guy with a hand puppet, singing without any lip moment...and people are clapping and there is confetti. What has this world come to? Did this man just win America's got talent?
Oh gee.
Well, I have nothing fabulous to speak of. No amazing, earth-shattering revelations. So I am going to pick up an old David Sedaris book and laugh my arse off.

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Amberlee said...

I LOVE IT. Your blogs are so funny to read. I wish I was as creative as you. Hey... post some pictures dear! Luv ya!!!!!!