Monday, August 6, 2007

The beginning

It's late, I'm watching Supernanny in hopes of sponging some ways to discipline my children by osmosis, finishing the last sip of wine (boo!) feeling the muscle relaxer kick in for my jaw and setting up a new blog.
What a great introduction all wrapped up into a run-on sentence.
Throw me some slack. I had people call in sick at work. Okay, one person, but I'm already down two so that put a strain on my already short-staffed personnel and it's Monday. Need I say more?
And you create a new blog and they want you to choose your template from small, thumbnail size photos? Ha!
I am going to bed now as I can not type on this laptop any more. I go from Apple at home to some hideous PC with an ergonomic keyboard at work, so my already lacking-in typing skills sucketh even more.

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