Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The worst pain ever....a year ago

I went to see the hot jaw doctor today to talk about the results of recent MRI.
I had a bicycling accident last year that resulted in two fractures of the jaw, double layers of chin stitches, a torn rotator cuff and various bloodied spots and scars to my body. This was because of a dog chasing me and a brief, but memorable, encounter with a mailbox which got me in to this predicament.
I had to have my jaw wired shut and all sorts of other goodies that involved monumental pain, physical therapy, too much weight loss, dentist and oral surgeon appointments just to have continuing pain and annoyance a year later.
The latest news is that the disc in my left jaw joint is displaced and is going to require some sort of invasive procedure to try and coax it back to where it was originally.
When speaking to the hot doctor (that's how I refer to him at work, never at home with the husband) he asked me level of pain I am at right now....compared to the worst pain I've ever experienced. I said about a five, I've been told I have a high tolerance for pain...but it's a constant pain...and where the disc is, it actually hurts when my mouth is closed...sitting on nerves and such. And as I don't go around with my mouth wide open too often...I am in constant pain.
We reminised about a year ago being wired shut, and he asked "how bad was it?" Because last year, whilst shut, he knew I'd say "The worst shit ever". Well, memory serves me well, and it really has been the worst thing to happen to me ever. I would rather go through non-medicated child birth than to ever have my jaw wired shut again. Seriously. I have had two kids, the last without any pain meds...when I had my jaw wired shut, the pain was unbearable and that was the first time I had Morphine. It was the only thing that would take the first, 24 hour pain away.
Well, I've gotten into a rant session and now am going to set up a Friday to get this procedure done. I guess it's called a Lavage. They insert needles into the joint and *wash* away any stray tissue and trapped blood cells, etc. I guess! I'm clueless..but Googling. Google is my informative friend.
Well, I'm starving and the husband will be late, so I've got to call a 6 year old home and find out what drive-thru they would like to visit for dinner.

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