Sunday, August 12, 2007

The aftermath of Camping

It took me forever to sign into my account that I have now wasted the precious moments between the husband being in the shower, the kids watching the Simpsons and the time between clothes in the washer not ready to go in the dryer as it is still occupied....that now I have to actually go get something done.
Long story husband just told me I re-washed a pair of shorts that were not indeed dirty, thankyouverymuch...we went camping with some friends, it was fun, the campfire ban has been momentarially lifted in certain counties so we were able to have a fire with our beer and the chill in the mountains. And it requires you to wash everything that can seep in the smell of I am washing everything that went with us.
Last time we went, we got to sit around a citronella candle we brought; hence, the campfire ban. So I only had to wash what was worn and dirtied.
And it is Sunday night, so I have the Monday-morning-drag already so I need to get a glass of wine. And I have a damn cold. Annoyance! Not enough to make the normal, non-booby. people call in sick to work, but enough to make the left side of your head congested and sneeze at the sight of the sun.
Maybe I'll be able to keep up in here if I have something interesting happening in my life. Ha.
We are camping at the "Lake" next weekend...which drives us into Idaho, where we can buy "higher percentage alcohol content" beer and sit at the beach all day and watch the kids play.
That is the life.
Fat Tire Ale....mmmmmmmmm
Do you see a pattern here?

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