Saturday, December 29, 2007

Congratulations! You unlocked a new truck!

Guess what? I do not care!

The husband is playing Excite Truck on the Wii. It has gorish amounts of Butt-Rock music and annoying European cop car sounds when you hit some certain star.

He is getting upset when he is not getting a passing grade on certain levels. He asks if I want to play. I'd rather make fun of him and enjoy my gin. (Please excuse the typos)

He complained of calf pain last night and pinned it back on tensing up whilst playing the above-mentioned game. Boy! I am glad we bought this thing. The lovely Wii also lets you keep track of how long you played on the contraption throughout the day. The husband has clocked in at least two hours today. This is between test-driving new Tacoma's and 4-Runners. Now THAT was fun. I am not buying a 2008 vehicle. I am not going to buy a brand new vehicle for that matter.

So instead of buying a new car and balking at the prices of them...we turned towards home and went and bought a brand new LCD flat screen T.V. After seeing the prices of a new car and comparing them to a new T.V.....the T.V. is like a damn STEAL.
We robbed that appliance place of their television. Bwaaahahahahaa! Take that overpriced appliance store!

I had to remind el husbando not to drift while driving this evening as he does not get stars for doing so...unlike his game on the Wii. (Picture me holding on to the dashboard in fear of flipping the truck while taking a corner going 40 in the slick snow) (Over-paranoid? I'd like to think not!)

Well thank our lucky stars, he just got 1st place and got his new truck....along with SUPER AIR which gives you FIVE STARS!!
(So does a SUPER TREE RUN and a SUPER TRUCK SMASH...which I am very good at thankyouverymuch)
Christmas lives on when we make super air over a rock bridge in the middle of Fiji in the rain.

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