Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why bother

I was in the front room, all comfy cosy with the laptop and the christmas tree...checking on packages yet to come...and I hear a little rustling and darn right quiet that you know is wrong; and in the kitchen, my wonderous eyes did perceive an innocent stinker on the 'fridge with glee....for what on the 'fridge would make a three year old climb, but a gingerbread house that is far past its prime.

Sorry, the moment of trees and christmas just got to me for a moment. I will stop that immediately and hopefully will not re-visit it any time soon.

Why do I bother? To do fun projects ie: gingerbread houses, for the kids? Why!? So it becomes contant contension between my not wanting more sugar in their bellies and the possibility of a broken neck now that I have to put it on the fridge so they won't eat the entire thing? Do I need to lighten up and just let them at it? I can't! I just can't. I know there are those laid back, easygoing mothering types out there. I am not one of them. I want it my way and... I want it my way.

I can't believe I just said that. Ugh.

There are some things I have no problem letting them do. And I just sat here pondering for a few minutes to see if I could find one of those moments, and I can't, so maybe I am wrong in saying that. Hmmmm, okay, so I'm impeccably anal.

At least I have savings accounts for them that have automatic drafts into a college account. And if they so desire not to go to college, heaven forbid, than at least they will have some money to pay for the therapy they most likely will need after being raised by this helluva mom. So there.

Like that is supposed to make me feel any better.

Little stinker, on the top of the fridge, B had a school program last night. Mind you, she is only three and in a room packed full of strangers. And when I say packed, boy do I mean sandwiched in. Luckily I was able to find a seat in front because they were the kids' chairs, ha ha, and when I saw her tears brewing and the rubbing of eyes, I was able to motion her over to me and she came and clutched me tight for a good three songs before she lightened up her grip seeing that I wasn't going to march her back up there to be petrified. Poor kid. She gets the shyness from me. I was a shy kid. Some people are probably wondering what the hell happened to that.

Well ANTM is on and it's the finale. Hooray! I like them all now that Bianca the Beast is gone.

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