Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Operation: Thumb Crackdown!

After speaking with a fellow cubicle-mate, and might I say, a sure heck of a gal (You know who you are),
I have decided it is time for the thumb sucking from Missy B to cease and desist.
I guess you can get a dentist to put some sort of appliance in to discourage the sucking. I'm going to try the other, ie: less expensive, measures first and see what happens.
B is *very* stubborn...nothing like her mother at all.....and is already fighting with me about this.
During the summer, I had no qualms with her thumb-loving and was actually highly annoyed with my then babysitter because she constantly hounded her for sucking her thumb. Like she should care. They are my teeth and sickies to worry about. And now it's gotten to the point where I have had it with the sickies. B broke out of her higher fever, downgraded to a lower fever and then broke out in a rash on most of her trunk area. That went mostly away yesterday, but then I noticed little pustules (I'm not sure how else to describe that) around her mouth last night, so I put tea tree oil on those and they were little scabs this morning. I have NO idea what those are or were. I tell you though, it's getting old.
So, once again, I am off to meet with my google-friend for a while to see what sources are out there to stop this raisiny-thumb-habit.
It was a fiesty day for me at work. I'm not sure what got in to me. I was teasing people, something I rarely do...Bwaaahahahaha and it was just full of busy-we-need-proof-now and nutty questions.
It's time to get S to finish up her reading since they want to watch one of the many Christmas TV programs on around this time of the year, oh joy!

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