Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not feeling the love

I swear, I can not do anything to please anyone. Either that, or I'm around a lot of people who absolutely can not be pleased.
It's getting a little old.
Let's just say that an overload of hormones wrapped up in one non-pleasable person is not a good combination. And my nosy side doesn't help when I see what this person says behind my back. Gets my blood boiling.

I may be worked up because I spent an hour-plus driving home in the worst conditions I have ever encountered. It took me 50 minutes to just go 8 miles. Sigh. I was shaking and white-knuckling it most of the way too. Snow is not my friend tonight.

I'm just bugged that I am an easy-going person, who works with people with any possible scenario they can throw at me, and I STILL can't get a good word for doing so.

Screw em. (I'm really dropping the F-bomb inside my head) (But I'm trying to get better at not dropping that much any more) ( I don't need a three-year old dropping that for anybody)

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