Monday, December 10, 2007

I heart Mondays

I also love other people's pregnancy hormones. They are wicked cool.
I've been told I was mean when I was pregnant....I'd like to say I was more vocal than normal...but I do not ever recall being a plain ol bitch. Maybe I'm delusional. Okay, nevermind maybe, I am and I will admit I tend to tuck certain memories into the vast realms of my brain and save them for times when I like to remind my mom about all the bad things she did to me as a kid, but I don't think I was a bitch.
Amber knew me as a prego person, maybe she will comment...hint hint....and let me know the evil of my past ways and now my prego employee(s) are the future "I hope you have prego people JUST LIKE YOU" sassiness coming back to bite me in the butt.

Oh joy! I have how many more months of this? And how many other female employees that can and most likely will get pregnant? I just got rid of two! Save me from the insanity.

Out of spite of wanting at least one person who could not possibly defy all humanity and get pregnant, I hired a male. This male has more emotional hormones that ALL of the women in my group. He is probably the combination of five females who are having their period.....Save me from the insanity.

I had one heartfelt employee meltdown in progress today and she asked if she could take vacation for the remainder of the week. She has the vacation time she can take. It is a slow time of the year for us. I am actually impressed (just a tiny bit though) that she asked to take vacation instead of her normal calling in sick tales which she is known to do on a regular basis. I said okay. Knock yourself out, give yourself some you time...come back refreshed. If you think this will help you out, go right ahead.

So my prego employee who I have gone out on a huge freaking limb to get her some added perks to her job totally undermines my decision and pretty-much tells me I'm an idiot for making the gotakevacation deal. SCREW HER. Is what I say. When you get to sit in my chair and deal with trying to please every person in this team (including you) and actually take on the responsibilities that I gave you with your new *job* ie: raise. Then, maybe, you can make a decision like this. In fact, it's darnright tempting to call you out on telling me I made a mistake in letting her take this vacation. She said "You realize that I am not that dependable right now" Why? Because you are prego and feeling nauseous? I'm sorry, I feel bad for the girl, she doesn't feel well...but being a mom and personally had two children of my own, I don't find pregnancy as an excuse to be sick. Maybe I'm being callous and mean, maybe *I* am pregnant and that's why I'm feeling the bitch-mode come out that supposedly I may have been?

Ah! The rant. The rave. I actually talked with her and gave her this look like I was going to tackle her right out the front door for saying anything back to me. She said "I wasn't trying to be rude or anything. I hope it didn't come out that way!" All innocent in her IM'ing tactics when she knew damn well what she was she frantically typed to others within the group. Boy oh boy. I'm not really that reilled up about it anymore, but thought, hey, I'm online, I have even made and ate dinner already and homework is done, the kids are occupied with their crazy play, husband is on his way home...let's blog.

Had a talk with my attorney today too. Totally worthless.
I am also finished with Christmas for the girls. I also found out that I bought two pair of pants for the husband thinking he wore a 35 waist...and he wears a 33? When did this happen? ha ha ha! Well, I am priceless that way.. Merry Christmas! Nothing will fit, so let's go to Banana Republic and exchange them...and pick something up for me while we are there.....
I swear I did not do this on purpose. It sounds like a wonderful plan though.

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