Saturday, December 15, 2007

Disabled cookies

How painful that sounds. My cookies are disabled. The poor things. As they should be disabled, I need nothing of the type around here.

The husband's work Christmas party was last night. It was fun too. He won the first-ever employee of the year award. Wow. I'm not suprised really that he would win it, but suprised they did it. He came home with a load of gifts and cash....yay! You can't beat unexpected gifts of cash and American Express gift cards.

Not much going on around here today. S has a friend over and they are bouncing around like hooligans. That's okay though, her friend's mom has wicked prego-sickness and doesn't feel good. It also leaves me free to do the things I need to do without any entertaining of the 6 year old who is house-bound because it's f-ing freezing outside.

We need to get to our picking photos for the annual Apple photobooks for grandparents so hopefully the will be here before Christmas. Because once again, we are the ultimate slackers. (The kids are done and bought for, inventoried, X-mas eve jammies washed though, so I haven't slacked out terribly)

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