Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crying over crackers

This is the start of a great evening.

B is in the kitchen, howling, crying, over crackers. She wanted a snack, I pulled out a little bowl and some Wheat Thins that were deemed appropriate by her, and apparently there were not enough in the bowl to please her. As I'm not in the mood to fight, I put in a few more whereas she erupts in tears and sobs and is still up there crying. Just when you think she might stop, I'm thinking she glances down at the bowl she is clutching and probably sees some tears that have made it in the bowl on top of the Wheat Thins and the whole episode re-plays itself in her head and the crying starts again. She cried before this over not being able to put the Ritz (ha ha) back in to the pantry. Geez already. I tell you, if it's not one kid, then it's the other. S has had time outs within 5 minutes of being home the past two nights. We'll see how long her attitude can hold out.
Wait, we have silence from the crying and B is down with us, pouting. Huffing a little *Mmmufffhhh* every here and then, and damn anyone who looks at her.

It's slower at work this week due to the impending holiday and my motivation to work is non-existent. My brain is so tired that I can't even remember what I got on here to write about.

I guess this means I should go work on dinner for my starving child who won't eat now that she has crackers to fill her up.

Instead of cooking, I went to add to my profile, and apparently I am the only one who likes to call animal control on stray dogs.
Strike that, I like to call animal control on any dog not on a leash and hightailing it around the neighborhood.

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