Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sick again! sick...again...

Honestly, she has not been healthy, not-snot-fever-cough-free, in months. Really, it's been months.
She was sick before and during the time we were in Vegas...finally got rid of the thick nasal drip..and yesterday and today were the first times in months that she had zero nasal drip and BAM, tonight, has a 103* fever.

We were decorating yet another tree, and she was laying on the floor with her blanket and her thumb. And there we have the largest's that damn thumb! By the time S was this age, we had talked her out of it unless she was going to sleep. B has it in her mouth all the time. It used to be only when she had a soft blanket or stuffie, but she's taken to feeling her hair and sucking her thumb now. She also licks and tastes various non-food items on a very regular basis. She is also stubborn as hell and lies about wiping and washing her hands after going to the bathroom. It's a recipe for disaster ie: non-stop sick child.


Unless I get a settlement soon and can quit my job, I'll probably end up in trouble at work for calling in *because my kid is sick again*.....but then again, I have an employee who has called in sick more than anyone I've even known and has no children, and she's never been in who knows.


She wanted to go to bed and wasn't teasing you know they're sick when they aren't bugging you and want to cuddle. I knew even before I felt her head that she didn't feel good since she wasn't running around and sass-mouthing and all that.


Here's to the beginning of another week.

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